Because life is an epic event

“What if we could capture an event or moments in time, automatically stitch those moments together and instantly share them with the world.” That was the driving question and our response was always “that would be epic.”

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Epic gives you the ability to capture up to ten seconds of video and have it automatically stitched together.

So for all you creative types out there consider this as your very own epic commercial where you play the producer, cinematographer, and creative director.

Now that’s epic!


Being able to contribute your own video clips while you’re at the event gives everyone the ability to see the event from many different points of view.

We think that’s totally epic!


Either watch you personal epic of the event or watch the curated content from the ArtPrize crew for a daily dose of epic ArtPrize action.

Did somebody say epic?

“By far the coolest most creative way to capture and share video that I’ve seen”

Rick Devos, founder of Start Garden

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